Ms. Kristina
Primary School Principal
BA (hons) in English Literature and Religious Studies, and a PGCE in primary education with Early Years specialism.
Experiences: 7+

Mr. Philip
Year 3
Bachelor of Education
TEFL Certificate
Experiences: 20+

Mr. Taliv Mo
Acting High School Principal
Cambridge Curriculum Coordinator
Art & Design
Master of Art, Visual Art
BFA, DIP of Art, Paris
Experiences: 20+

Mr. Philip Craven
Year 12 Tutor

Head Teacher
KS4/5 Geography / History
BA (Hons) + PGCE
International Relation
University of Nottingham
Experiences: 20+

Mr. Tony
Maths Year 7/8.

Bachelor degree of biology and chemistry
in University of Northern Colorado.
Experiences: 5+

Mr. Spoon
Year 2
BA (Hons)
PGCE Primary Education
MA training and Coaching
Experiences 15+

Ms. Joyce
Tutor: Year 13

Global Perspective Y10/Physics Y13
Master in Science Education
Doctorate degree in Environmental studies
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Experience: 20+

Mr. Alan Stuart
Year 6
Master of Creative Art
Bachelor of Education
Experiences 18+

Ms. Sylvie
French Teacher
Certificate d’aptitude a’ seigner le FLE
Ms. Sylvie holds a bachelor degree in foreign languages from the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO) in Paris.

Ms. Gloria
Year 5

Bachelor of Education
Qualified Teacher Status
Experiences 15+

Ms. Sheila
Reception 1
Bachelor degree of education
TEFL Certificate
Experiences: 10+

Ms. Bernadette
Year 4
Ms. Bernadette is from South Africa and this is her twelfth year working at International school and her third year at ISSR.

Mr. Will Barnard
KS3 English,& KS3-5 Business

International Post Graduate Certificate in Education (IPGCE) University
BA Contemporary History – University of Leicester
Special Educational Needs – CPD Level 5
Child Psychology Diploma – CPD Level 3
Experiences: 15+

Ms. Rita
Diploma in EYFS teaching
Bachelor degree in Science
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Experiences: 10+

Ms. Annvinn
ESL Teacher
Degree- Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education- English
TEFL Certified

Experiences: 10+

Mr. Ray Koppelle
KS3 (7-9) Music, KS4 (11) Music
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology
Experiences: 8+

Ms. Dimple
Year 4B

Bachelor of Science
TEFL Certificate
Experiences 7+

Mr. Pan
KS3,4,5 Chinese Mandarin
Mr. Pan previously worked at ISSR from 2008-13 before returning in 2017. He graduated from Guangxi University in 2015 but has lived and worked in Siem Reap since 2006.

Ms. Maria Fatima
Year 7 Tutor
Science Y7,8/Chemistry Y10-13

Master of Arts in Teaching Chemistry
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Biology and minor in Chemistry
Experiences: 30+

Ms. Ella

Master of Education major in Mathematics
Iowa Test Administrator – Iowa Assessments/CogAt
Experiences 19+

Ms. Micah
Supporting Teacher R1

Bachelor degree in Psychology
TEFL Certificate

Mr. Keith John
English and Humanities teacher of Years 7-9

Bachelor of French and European Literature
University of Warwick, UK
Experiences: 10+

Mr. Ricci Joseph Sims
English 11,13 / English Literature Y11

Bachelor Degree in Education (CELTA)
Experiences 20+

Mr. AJ. Pastore
PE Teacher
Master’s degree in Physical Education
B.A. in Communication Studies from the State University
Experiences: 10+

Ms. Katie


Ms. Caryl

Mr. Duncan