The Khmer Curriculum offered at ISSR follows the curriculum by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS). This mean that the students can participate in the Cambodian national examination. The goal of ISSR’s English-Khmer Programme is to provide high quality education to students from kindergarten (grade1-3), the primary levels (grades 1-6), and high school levels (grade 7-12). Our objective is to provide a high standard of Khmer curriculum through creative teaching techniques and qualified trained teachers. All our local teachers are from government schools, each highly experienced in his/her field.

Kindergarten [grades 1-3]

Kindergarten years are very important for young children as they are prepared to enter primary school. The Khmer curriculum for these students focuses on the introduction of the Khmer language by engaging students in the sounds, consonants and vowels, all neatly hand-written. The aim is that students become familiar with writing, listening and especially speaking Khmer to support basic conversations. At this level they are also introduced to the basic math principles of numeracy and basic critical thinking.

Primary level [grades 4-6]
For the primary levels (grades 4-6), the Khmer principal also focuses on behavior and academic writing. We offer the necessary subjects that are prescribed by the ministry for each year (MoEYS is often updated from time to time). Students will gain extensive knowledge in Khmer Language by mastering the correct pronunciation of the Khmer sounds, blending, reading and grammar. The other subjects that students will follow are Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. All these subjects are conducted in Khmer language. By exploring mathematical concepts like geometry and measurement, students learn to create logical solutions for complex problems. Science concentrates on explaining action and reaction while Social Studies tackles daily living and morality questions. Also Khmer culture is an important factor that is included in our Khmer Curriculum.

High School [grades 7-12]
For the high school (grade 7-12).  The curriculum is well-rounded and includes Khmer Literature, Math, Biology & Earth Science, Civics & Home Economics, Physics & Chemistry, ICT, Physical Education, and History & Geography.  All these subjects are conducted in Khmer by professional teachers.  The students are taught for each subject by a specialist teacher.  ISSR’s English-Khmer Programme is a daily 4 hour programme. Student will be placed in their grade depending on a placement test and the report and result of their previous Khmer school. We follow the policy of MoEYS so that students can switch from any public or private school to ISSR.