Primary English Teacher

Ms. Sinead
Primary School Principal
17+ Years Experience, BA (Hons), PGCEd
Leadership Pathways Programme
This is Ms Sinead’s sixth year at ISSR. She started her career as a teacher in Camden, Central London 18 years ago. Throughout this time, she has worked with many excellent professionals in various challenging Primary schools. She has 16 years experience in developing, monitoring and improving areas of the curriculum and improving teaching and learning in schools. Before making the decision to move to Cambodia, she was an Assistant Principal in 2 large primary schools in London. She has worked closely with the leadership team in the school to develop the curriculum at ISSR.

Ms. Rita
6+ Years Experience
E.ed Elementary Education
Miss Rita has been living and working as a teacher in Cambodia for 8 years. This year is her 5th year at ISSR. Teaching Early Years is her passion and her forte. Every single year in Nursery gives her different experiences and challenges and it’s always lovely and successful. She is looking forward to another exciting year at ISSR.

Ms. Erin
Reception 1A
7+ Years Experience
Associate in Education, TEFL
Ms.Erin is looking forward to another fantastic year at ISSR.
She has taught in the United States, Vietnam, and Cambodia. She loves to see that children have an eagerness and excitement towards their learning activities and opportunities for growth. Some of her hobbies include: art, photography, reading, science, swimming, and traveling.

Mr. Sean
Reception 1B
16+ Years Experience 
BA (Hons)
PGCE Primary Education
MA Training & Coaching TEFL/TESOL
After a successful first year at ISSR, Mr Spoon is happy to be beginning his second year with Reception 1B. Originally from the UK, he enjoys yoga, meditation and dancing in his spare time. He has also begun to develop his tennis skills during his first year in Cambodia and can often be seen at ICF Cambodia.

Ms Amy
Reception 2A

15 Years Experience
BA (Hons), PGCE Primary Education
MA Training and Coaching, TEFL/TESOL
Ms Amy is from England and this will be her 13th year teaching.  She trained in the Uk in Primary Education and lived in Spain for the last 9 years, for the last six years working in a private English pre-school near Barcelona. She loves to travel and enjoys swimming in her free time.

Ms. Kristina
Reception 2B
7 Years Experience
Reception 2B Teacher, EYFS Leader
BA (Hons), PGDE Early Years
Ms Kristina, from the UK, has been teaching, both in the UK, and internationally, since 2012, and is experienced in leading the Early Years Foundation Stage. She began her career as a nursery practitioner and has over 13 years experience in Early Years and Preschool provision. She is excited to join the ISSR community, explore the culture and hospitality of Siem Reap, and have  fun leaning with Reception 2B this year!

Ms Nicola
Year 1B

1+ Year Experience
MA (Hons) Primary Education with Earth Science
Miss Nicola has moved from Scotland to teach Year 1A this year and is looking forward to making learning fun within the classroom. She has experience working with pupils who have English as a second language, ensuring they have full access to the learning in the classroom. She loves to travel and spend time with her friends.

Ms Hayley
Year 2A
6 Years Experience
Year 2A Teacher, Literacy Leader
BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, PGCE Primary Education PG Diploma Teaching and Learning
Ms. Hayley is from England. She previously lived in SA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and has a range of experience working with children. She loves helping children find their potential and be able to express themselves creatively. She likes to make her classroom a welcoming environment, where children have a smile on their face each day. She has lived in Siem Reap for one year and is excited about her second year teaching Year 2A at ISSR!

Mr Philip
Year 2B
22 Years Experience
Keystage 1 Leader
Mr. Philip is teaching Year 2B this year. This is his fifth year at ISSR. He comes from Canada where he was a teacher for many years. For him, teaching is not a job, it is a passion. The joy of seeing students’ progression from the beginning of the year to the end is where he gets the greatest satisfaction. Mr Philip says ‘ISSR is a great school to work at and a great school for students.’ He is looking forward to teaching your children and meeting with you in the future.

Ms Jen
Year 3A
4 Years Experience
PGCEi Primary Education, TESOL, BA (Multimedia)
Miss Jen is beginning her first year at ISSR. She has been working at a British international school in Nanjing for the last 4 years. Originally from Malaysia, she has lived in several different countries growing up and studied at British international schools as well. As such, she is very familiar with international school life and the challenges and opportunities it brings. She has found Siem Reap and ISSR to be amazing so far and looks forward to the rest of the year!

Ms Gemma
Year 3B
3 Years Experience
BA (Hons) Primary Education
This is Ms Gemma’s second year teaching here at ISSR and she is very excited for the year ahead. She is from the UK and this will be her fifth year as a primary teacher. She has previously taught in Leeds and London in England, and has loved all the new experiences gained whilst being out here in Siem Reap. She feels passionate about ensuring that her students develop a love of learning.

Ms Bernadette
Year 4A
15 Years Experience
BA, PGCEd, Master of Science
Ms Bernadette is form South Africa and this is her twelfth year working in international schools and her third at ISSR.  It has been a privilege to work, teach and learn in different cultural settings.  Ms Bernadette believes the student’s at this school are a joy to teach and she looks forward to another year of fantastic learning with these special children.

Ms René
Year 4B
4 Years Experience
BEd (Hons) Primary Education, CELTA
Ms Rene is South African, but she  has been teaching in a preparatory school in England for the past four years. She is really looking forward to her new adventures in Cambodia and teaching at ISSR.

Mr Glen
Year 5A
12 Years Experience
BA (Hons), PGCE Primary Education
Key Stage Two Leader
Mr. Glen is beginning his second year with us and comes from England. He studied a degree in sociology at Surrey University and later studied for his PGCE at Roehampton University. He has over 10 years’ experience teaching across Key stage 2. He has a particular interest for the teaching and learning of Literacy and helping children develop into confident and independent readers and writers. He has had many years of experience in leadership.

Mr Sinan
Year 6A
2 Years Experience
BA Creative Arts – Film & Video
PGDE – Education (Primary)
Mr. Sinan has just started his first year with ISSR and is very excited to be teaching the wonderful students of 6A. With two years teaching experience, he completed his PGDE whilst leading a career in the NGO sector, working in Australia and Cambodia. Mr. Sinan also holds a Bachelor’s in Creative Arts, majoring in Film and Video. He has been living in Cambodia for three years and loves everything about it. He also studies Khmer language on the weekends.

Ms Bekie
Year 6 B
5 Years Experience
B Computing, Master of Teaching (Primary)
Ms Beckie comes from Sydney, Australia and worked for the Australian government before taking a career change and gaining her Master of Teaching (Primary). She   recently spent 4 years teaching at an International School in Tanzania in both Year 3 and Year 5 where she loved learning about East African culture and going on safari. She is excited to join ISSR this year in Year 6. She loves playing and watching football and travelling and she is looking forward to exploring Cambodia and South East Asia.

Ms. Sylvie
French Teacher
5 Years Experience
 Certificate D’aptitude a’ Seinger le Fle
Ms Sylvie holds a bachelor degree in foreign languages from the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO) in Paris. She has lived and worked in Siem Reap since 2012 and joined us at ISSR in 2016. Ms Sylvie also helps support our wider community links.

Mr. Pan
Chinese Teacher
11 Years Experience
Teaching Certification
Mr Pan previously worked at ISSR from 2008-13 before returning in 2017. He graduated from Guangxi University in 2015 but has lived and worked in Siem Reap since 2006.

Mr Greg
ELS Teacher
3 Years Experience
First Aid Leader
Mr Greg has been working at ISSR for 2 years and has developed the resources for teaching English since joining the school. Mr Greg gained a IDELT in 2015 and has been working at the school since then. He also leads our First Aid team and supports with safety around the school.

Ms Chantal
Modern Music Teacher
Bachelor of Music
10 Years Experience
Ms Chantal is beginning her  fourth year at ISSR and have been developing the program over the past three years. . Since joining us, she has developed our Music programme so that there is consistent progression throughout the school in Music. Ms Chantal has also introduced more instruments into the curriculum so the students experience playing a variety of musical instruments and the skills needed to do this.
Ms. Xiao Juan



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