“What is Cambridge Secondary 2 (IGCSE )?”
In Cambridge Secondary 2, students are required to take the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognised qualification. Cambridge IGCSE is renowned for its courses in the development of vital educational skills, linguistic skills, problem-solving abilities, initiative, team work and investigative skills. It brings out the best in students and develops successful learners through a skill-based approach to teaching and assessing. Cambridge IGCSE caters for students with different levels of abilities in international schools around the world. It offers a flexible course of study that allow students the freedom to choose a combination of subjects that are suitable for them with the aim of providing them with a broad knowledge base and lifelong skills.
“What can I do with IGCSE qualification?”
Its worldwide recognition puts students with IGCSE qualifications onto the right track towards their higher education ambitions. It is comparable with GCE O-Level and the UK GCSE. It allows progression into:
A Level
Pre-University Courses in most countries,
Diploma Courses in most countries,
Foundation Courses,

Cambridge IGCSEs are recognised as a reliable record of achievement, which opens the opportunity towards entry to colleges and universities, worldwide.

In Cambridge Secondary 2, the Cambridge IGCSE provides a wide and flexible range of study programmes, covering a diversified spectrum of subjects, specially designed for IGCSE students with different levels of proficiency, covering core subjects of English Language, Mathematics and Information & Communication Technology as well as other academic subjects:

Modern Foreign Language,
Humanities and Social Science,
Mathematics and Science,
Business, Creative, Technical & Vocational Studies,
The curriculum allows teaching to be localised to keep abreast with the regional conditions. It challenges students to be inquisitive, creative-minded, analytical and to possess independent thinking in seeking answers. These qualities will provide them with a good head start in real life situations in today’ s fast pace global conditions.

Cambridge IGCSE is a two-year course of study whereby students will take the examinations at the end of the period. Students must sit for the Cambridge IGCSE examinations through a registered CIE centre. The examinations are held twice a year, i.e. in June and November.

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