Academic Programmed

ISSR High School is divided into three Key Stages in accordance with the UK secondary school structure:

Class Size

For students studying in KS3 and IGCSE, classes will not exceed 25. Students, and AS/A2 Level classes will not exceed 15 students per subject. Should the school receive more applications for a year group which is at full capacity, those applicants will be placed on a waiting list for that particular class providing the enrolment paperwork has been completed. Once a place for a student is made available, the place will only be held if the registration fee has been paid. Priority will be given to applicants whose sibling(s) is/are already enrolled at ISSR.

Academic Queries

For routine matters relating to academic progress and classroom activity, parents should bring their concerns to the attention of the classroom teacher. Parents are asked to make an appointment outside of classroom time. This can be done over the telephone with the office or in person before or after the tuition times. If for any reason it is felt that concerns have been insufficiently addressed an appointment may then be made via the office to speak to the Principal.

Parents are not permitted to enter classrooms during the school day for this or other purposes without prior appointment with the class teacher, or without being accompanied by a member of the administration or teaching staff. For all other questions not specifically of an academic nature please make an appointment to speak to the Principal or administration.

Curriculum Overview

Reports and Parents Meetings

Two full End of Semester reports and two sets of mid-term Progress Reports are issued each year for all year groups in addition to two parents’ meetings held at the end of semester one and two. The schedule for 2022-23 is noted below.

Semester 1

  • 14th October 2022 – Progress Report (based on continuous assessment) CA1 – (Y7-13)
  • 17-19th Oct 2022 – 1st Parent meetings
  • 9th December 2022 – End of Semester 1 Report (based on continuous assessment (CA2) and summative assessment based on semester examinations (SA1) – (Y7-13)

Semester 2

  • 6-16th March 2023 Trial Examinations (Y11-13).
  • 24th March 2023 – Progress Report (based on continuous assessment) CA3 – (Y7-10)
    • A report is issued to Year Y11-13 and at this point since students will begin revision for the IGCSE and AS/A2 examinations and the practical and oral examinations take place in April, May and June.
  • 27-29th March 2023 – 2nd Parent meetings
  • 17th June 2023 – End of Semester 2 Report (based on continuous assessment (CA4) and summative assessment based on semester examinations (SA2) – (Y7-10)


ISSR issues students with several awards throughout the year:

  • The Attainment Award is given to students who have achieved excellent results in a range of subjects each semester.
  • The Progress Award recognises those students who are determined to succeed in subjects that they find challenging.
  • The Special Merit Award records the gratitude of ISSR towards those students who have made a significant contribution to the extra-curricular life of the School during the academic year.

In addition, students may receive certificates upon completion of, for example, certain extra-curricular courses.