We are using a new system to improve communication between parents, students and teachers at ISSR. In an attempt to reduce paper use, the system we are using is completely online.
Over the next week or so you will be asked to connect with your child’s class account. Parents can do this using the iOS and Android app, for your smart phone and tablet, or you can log in as a parent at
To be able to complete the registration of your child, school will need email address.

It is the goal of the International School of Siem Reap (ISSR) to prepare its students to become responsible world citizens who embrace a commitment to life-long learning and the application of that learning to the improvement of self and in turn for the benefit of local and global communities.

We believe that it is vital for ISSR’s students, while at school, to learn to live alongside and to respect those from other countries and cultures. The respect of our students for each other is encouraged and emphasised while the unique qualities, interests and talents that each student brings to our school community are valued. We are proud of our diverse student body. As our students are taught to understand and to respect and value those who are different, they also learn to value and respect themselves.