In view of its rapid increase in student numbers ISSR High School will be moving to a new campus in August 2018. Nevertheless, we provide a full range of facilities for our students in or near our present site.

  • All classrooms are equipped with projectors and screens.
  • Several of the classrooms have wide-screen televisions in addition to the projection facilities.
  • Our science lab has all the facilities necessary to deliver the curriculum at all levels.
  • A new purpose-built Design Technology and additional classroom were completed in July 2017. This has allowed major renovation of the Art Room.
  • All students have a personal and secure locker.
  • The School has access to an online library which comprises in excess of 25,000 books.
  • Teachers and students have access to a school server system allowing them easily to store and retrieve their work.
  • Students have access to printers should if that is a coursework requirement.
  • We have a large ICT room and, this year, have upgraded all laptops.
  • Students will shortly have access to computer tablets in order to engage in personal research.
  • Students use the swimming pool facility at the Primary campus and, on a weekly basis, the football pitches, badminton and volleyball courts at Chun Lung sports centre.