The school day for KS3, IGCSE (KS4) and Key Stage 5 (Y12/13) begins at 7:50 am. Students need to arrive in their Form Room to be marked present by their Form Tutor before 8:00 am otherwise they will be marked late. Students who are late must report to the School Office. Repeated lateness may result in after school detentions. Y12/13 students are fully occupied for the entire day in academic lessons, activities and study periods; therefore, students in these year groups must arrive at the same time as all other students and report to their tutor. Year 12 / 13 students have timetabled rooms available at every stage in the school day where they are expected to engage in private study when not engaged in academic lessons.
School hours: All classes start at 8:00am. There is a morning break of 15 minutes, and 5 minute transfer time between afternoon lessons.

The lengths of lessons vary between 55 and 60 minutes dependent upon the day. This is to facilitate activities prior to the start of lunch thereby ensuring that the School is all-inclusive in terms of full-time and part-time students. The activities scheduled for 2022 are:
– whole school assembly / student-led assembly and separate staff meeting; these assemblies are on a rotational basis
– tutor period / House period / Council meeting
– extra-Curricular activities
– Games

Monday – Wednesday
0750-0800: Tutor Period

0800-0855: Period One
0855-0950: Period Two
0950-1005: Morning Break
1005-1100: Period Three
1100-1155: Period Four
1155-1215: Assembly (Monday); Tutor Period / House Period (Tuesday)
1215-1300: Lunch
1300-1400: Period Five
1400-1500: Period Six
1500-1600: Period Seven

0750-0800: Tutor Period

0800-0900: Period One
0900-1000: Period Two
1000-1015: Morning Break
1015-1115: Period Three
1115-1215: Period Four (Friday: ECA)
1215-1300: Lunch
1300-1400: Period Five
1400-1500: Period Six
1500-1600: Period Seven
Please note that, for the part-time Khmer curriculum students only, there is an additional lesson from 1600-1700 every day; this does not apply to full-time International curriculum students.